Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference
Honoring Women and the Earth



Hello there! I'm Corinna, founder of the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference.

Were you among the women who gathered? Or a sister of yours?

For 15 years, women came from near and far each autumn for inspiration, celebration and practical learning. We began in 2004 with 200 women and grew to 1300, the largest herbal conference in the country.

In 2019, we celebrated our 15th anniversary at the final Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference, leaving behind a legacy of honoring women and the Earth made tangible. 

Together we wove a web of women rooted in the Wise Woman Tradition. The ripples continue in our lives and beyond.

Corinna presenting at the women's herbal conference
diverse group at the women's herbal conference

Join me as I continue the mission begun decades ago, to carry on the Wise Woman Tradition, with expanded offerings for women worldwide. 

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Wise women wild plants guide

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Women's Conference Teacher Guide from the Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference

 Women's Conference Teacher Guide

Now available to you–the actual guide that was used for Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference teachers. Discover 7 ways to impart the Wise Woman Tradition

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Corinna, founder of the women's herbal conference

Hey Corinna, what is the Wise Woman Tradition?

I'm glad you asked! The Wise Woman Tradition is actually a worldview. It's a doorway—which leads to a paradigm shift. To a way of seeing through a lens that honors women and the Earth.

The Wise Woman Tradition embraces local plants, deep nourishment and self-love. There’s a deep resonance that many women experience—a cellular memory of a way of life and a belief system that embraces a spiral. That spiral includes both light and dark. Just as the natural cycles of our world constantly move through day and night, from dark moon to full moon, from winter to summer, from youth to old age and death . . . 

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Along the Wise Woman Path

This growing group is beloved by wonderful wild wise women near and far
—including many who attended the women's conference

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