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If we each look back far enough into our own heritage(s), we all come from indigenous roots, from cultures worldwide in which our grandmothers way back lived close to the earth, learned to use plants around them as food and medicine from a young age, and were encouraged to be capable and competent, resourceful and strong.


full moon with a dogwood blossom, reflecting natural cycles of the seasons and full moon to dark moon in the Wise Woman Tradition

The Wise Woman Tradition embraces the Earth, local plants, deep nourishment and self love. Many women experience a deep resonance—a cellular memory of a way of life and a belief system that embraces a spiral that includes both light and dark, without hierarchy. Just as the natural cycles of our world continuously move through day and night, from dark moon to full moon, from winter to summer, from youth to old age and death. We honor our natural cycles—our ebbs and flows.

In the Wise Woman Tradition, we understand our bodies as sacred and we trust that as a source of inner guidance. As we turn our attention away from fixing or "cleansing" ourselves, we move towards nourishing ourselves—physically, emotionally and spiritually—such that our bodies respond by moving towards optimal health.

The Wise Woman Tradition is a worldview. It's a doorway—which leads to a paradigm shift. To a way of seeing through a lens that is earth-based and woman-centered.

full moon with a dogwood blossom, reflecting natural cycles of the seasons and full moon to dark moon in the Wise Woman Tradition
Seven Secrets Along the Wise Woman Path

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“The Wise Woman Tradition is the oldest tradition of healing known on our planet, yet one that is rarely identified, rarely written or talked about. A woman-centered tradition of self love, respectful of the earth and all her creatures, the Wise Woman Tradition tells us that compassion, simple ritual, and common herbs heal the whole person and maintain health/wholeness/holiness.”

~ Susun Weed, internationally-renowned author in the Wise Woman Tradition

Are you hearing the call to this path of ancient wisdom in today’s world?

Come, let's walk along the path together . . .

There’s an awful lot of static in our world today. We’re constantly inundated by outside voices—including the media and the internet—all telling us who we should be, what we should eat, what we should wear and how we should look. These voices are loud and strident, and often contradictory, yet they generally suggest that we are essentially lacking and need to be fixed. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, dissatisfied and confused under these circumstances.

As women, multiple demands of daily life can make it especially challenging for us to find our center. We’re juggling all the pieces of our lives, wishing we had more energy, experiencing puzzling health concerns—our own and those of our families—and wanting to feel more grounded.

We’re presented with ideals of female beauty that are unrealistic (and frankly, unhealthy). We often feel that our needs for solitude, rest and restoration aren’t being met. But our schedules, our responsibilities and those voices create a disconnect between who we are and what we’re doing.

And there’s that endless stream of information, coming at us in bytes and sound bites. But information isn’t necessarily wisdom.

OK. Stop for a moment. Breathe.

There are other voices beneath the ruckus. I’d venture to guess that as a woman curious about the Wise Woman Tradition, you’ve already been hearing them whisper to you.

You have an awareness of the interconnected-ness of your physical, emotional and spiritual health. You’ve probably embraced some important lifestyle changes such as exercise, healthy eating habits and using environmentally responsible products. You may use herbal allies—tinctures, teas and supplements—to support your wellbeing.

Good. It’s time to go deeper. It’s time to remember . . .

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free guide on outward aspects of the Wise Woman Tradition

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As women, we recognize this way of life as familiar

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