You're a woman on a journey

 . . . a journey of cultivating an inner and outer life that reflects your values honoring women (including yourself!) and the earth

. . . a journey of cultivating an inner and outer life that reflects
your values honoring women (including yourself!) and the Earth


I'm Corinna. I support earth-based women worldwide in navigating the transitions and seasons of your life. I'd love to share my practical and authentic tools with you—for getting grounded in your own clarity, discernment, and self understanding.

Enrollment doors for The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love will open on September 1st. I hope to meet you on the inside! In the meantime, I invite you explore my free resources.

For starters, I've got a quiz for you. If you're curious to find out
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Wise Woman Studies with Corinna Wood

After many years of making and teaching herbal medicines for women’s health, it dawned on me that I needed my own medicine kit for the heart, mind and soul!

I applied what I knew of the wise woman ways towards my own deep inner healing. I drew on my depth and breadth of knowledge––nature and her cycles, health and healing, nonviolent communication and feminist spiritual psychology.

Through nature's lens, I uncovered tools for inner growth that are practical, simple and accessible. It's all about healing from the inside out. 

Now I offer courses for women worldwide to study with me from home. Think of it as a wise woman's study of yourself.

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Rooted in the Wise Woman Tradition for almost 30 years, Corinna has dedicated her life to connecting women with themselves, the earth and one another. For decades, she has been offering inspiration, celebration and practical learning about earth-based healing and women’s health.

Now entering her 50s, Corinna has expanded her focus to teaching inward aspects of the Wise Woman Tradition. Through her own deep and difficult times, Corinna has developed heart-opening resources based in the earth-based, woman-centered lens of the Wise Woman Tradition.

Today Corinna guides other women in the use of simple tools and practical guides for life long inner growth and healing. She supports women to reconnect with their basic human needs and their own inherent wisdom.

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free guide on wild plants from Corina Wood of Wise Woman Studies

Bring wild plants into your everyday life and connect with the earth with this free guide from Corinna

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Free worksheet on Wise Woman Needs Wheel from Corina Wood of Wise Woman Studies

Connect with your inner self with this free worksheet which includes Corinna's beloved Needs Wheel

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"Before Corinna's course, I was in a state of panic—hopelessness and helplessness. Now I have clarity and strength! It was a life changer."


"Corinna's toolkit offers simple and essential wisdom no one taught us. The benefits I've reaped were life-changing. It's a self care must!" 


"I've done yeeears of therapy both as a therapist and a client but this course hit the core of my struggles unlike everything I've  studied!"
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