Hi I'm Corinna ~ I'm a teacher and mentor in the Wise Woman Tradition - from herbs to self love.  My life's work is dedicated to connecting women with the Earth and yourself.
Wise Woman Studies with Corinna Wood
Hi I'm Corinna~ I'm a teacher and mentor in the Wise Woman Tradition. My life's work is dedicated to connecting women with the Earth and yourself.

I support wonderful women like you

as you navigate the transitions and seasons of your life.  I offer earth-based, woman-centered tools to ground you in your own innate wisdom, needs and desires.

My teachings draw on earth wisdom of our foremothers–the shoulders on which we stand–to navigate the challenges we face as women in the world today.

Let's skip to that and get going!
Herbal Immersion students of Corrina Wood
Wise Woman Studies students with Corrina Wood

Rooted in earth-based, woman-centered holistic healing

I became an herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition at the tender age of 22, initiated by Susun Weed and a beloved patch of nettles. Soon after, I taught my first herb walk and have been teaching classes and programs on women’s health and herbalism ever since.

After making more herbal medicines than I could possibly use myself, I co-founded Red Moon Herbs in 1994 with Jessica Godino and ran it for 20 years until passing on the baton to Jeannie Dunn. 

I dreamed of gathering women together in celebration of our connection with the earth and plants. And thus, in 2004, the Southeast Wise Woman Herbal Conference was born.  Beginning with 200 women the first year we soon grew to over a thousand women strong–the largest herbal conference in the country!  Fifteen years later, I entered my menopausal metamorphosis and decided that I wanted to devote more time to my teaching.

Red Moon Herbs salve making
 Corrinna Wood at Earthaven Ecovillage, North Carolina, sustainable intentional community

In my personal life, I was also an early member of an ecovillage, collaborating to bring our community vision into manifestation.

I was grappling with a lot inside

Those around me say I’m a dreamweaver of wo-manifestations. A force of nature, creating legacies in my wake. 

Yet there have been struggles along the way.  At the same time as I was creating with an outward focus, I was navigating difficult relationships, overcoming old traumas, and experiencing the physical impacts on my body and well being.  While I was doing big things in the world, I was grappling with a lot inside.

Drawing on the principles of the Wise Woman Tradition, feminist spiritual psychology, and non-violent communication, I turned my gaze inward. I synthesized concepts, using them to map out what was going on inside. To address my questions like . . .

  • What does the nitty gritty of self love really look like?
  • Why do I find myself in the same relationship dynamics over and over?
  • How were my internal beliefs formed–and how do I update them in a happy, healthy way?

Coming home to myself

My process of self-exploration brought me home to myself (and to my beloved!) . . . healthier and happier than ever. Fully alive, free and deeply grounded. And I've gathered the “tools” I’ve discovered into a medicine kit to share with you for your journey on your own Wise Woman path.

Today, my tools for inner growth and healing are at cutting edge of synthesizing natural healing with spiritual psychology, feminist thought and earth-based wisdom. As guide and mentor, my heart sings seeing you get grounded in your clarity and power.

I hope to meet you inside one of my programs! For starters, here are a couple free resources for you...

Worksheet on the Wise Woman Needs Wheel from Corrinna Wood

Connect with your inner self with this free worksheet which includes Corinna's beloved Needs Wheel

Say no more, I'm ready!~
Free guide on wild plants from Red Moon Herbs founder Corrinna Wood

Bring wild plants into your everyday life and connect with the earth with this free guide from Corinna

Yes, give me that!

Curious to know more about my personal path?

Here are 7 snippets from my journey you might enjoy~

  1. When I turned 18, my feminist mother gave me 18 books written by women. I hung Alice Walker's "womanist" definition on my wall.
  2. When I first showed up at the local herb shows decades ago, folks scratched their heads at my herbal medicines, in the sea of basil starts (today, the area teems with medicinal herbal companies).
  3. I gave birth in a yurt without electricity, a tiny trailer for my kitchen.
  4. I fell in love with a woman and fought maternal guilt to move out of the house to live with her. My 16 year old son preferred to stay close to the community center where he was born and raised. He quipped, “Mom, don’t the kids usually move out first?” 
  5. My intuition led me to declare that the 15th anniversary of my wildly popular Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference was the last I would produce. The pandemic hit 6 months later.
  6. As wild as I am about the green and growing things, my favorite time of year is the dark season as the year wanes between Halloween and winter solstice.
  7. I’ve been through an ocean of grief and got to the other side.

When I'm not doing my work in the world, what else might I be up to?

Medicinal herb garden the Red Moon Herbs wise woman way


lovin' up the plants and herbs
cultivated and wild

Corinna Wood and her partner out in the mountains


the sweetness of secure bond with my beloved

Corrina Wood standing with her bike


the Blue Ridge Mountains, often with my grown son

Full moon rising over the mountains


over the moon–proud to call myself a moon photographer

Now let's bring this back to you~

Are you a nature-loving woman?
Are you ready to be deeply grounded in a strong sense of self—
with authentic relationships, healthy boundaries, and meaningful priorities?
Then you’re in the right place!

I offer tools to nourish your thriving from the roots up.

Want to study with me?

 I’m so glad!  I'd love to support you along your journey navigating the transitions and seasons of your life.

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