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Welcome, lovely! I'd love to guide you in deepening your connection with the Earth and yourself. For a truly holistic approach to healing—from the inside out. Come walk along the path with me  . . . 


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Free Wild Herb Week for Women

In progress ~ join today!

You'll discover how easy it is to find medicinal plants where you live. And how accessible it can be to make your own medicines.

Later on during Wild Herb Week, I’ll open enrollment for my newest course Herbal Medicine Making the Wise Woman Way.

In the meantime, yup, this Wild Herb Week is totally freeee!

So let's take a stroll together outside...and immerse yourself in the world of plants waiting for you!

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Corinna Wood smiling in front of fall foliage

Herbal Medicine Making the Wise Woman Way

A 5-week self-paced online course

5 simple techniques to transform fresh plants into potent medicines

Learn how to make your own herbal medicines using common ingredients and fresh plants, so you can treat common ailments safely and effectively.

With the 5 potent preparation methods under your belt, you'll be able to make your own herbal remedies and deepen your connection with the earth and your own healing. And even share your medicines with others.

Grand Opening in early June

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Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way

A 4-week self-paced online course

4 steps to authentic communication for close and caring relationships

What if you could express yourself in a way that cultivates connection rather than distance? In a way that others can truly hear and understand you...

In Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way, you’ll learn practical skills to reconnect with your authentic truth and express yourself in a healthy, harmonious way. 

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The Year's Spiral

A yearlong online program

Engaging your spiritual connection with the Earth as your internal compass

Are you navigating transitions and seasons of your life—work, family, midlife, menopause, losses?

In The Year’s Spiral, you’ll dig down beneath overwhelm, stressors, and old patterns—so you can cultivate a life you love, grounded and replenished.

Each of the 8 seasons along the journey (the equinoxes, the solstices, and the midpoints points between) includes curriculum content on:

  • Engaging the energy of the season for self-discovery and healing
  • A seasonal herbal ally
  • A seasonal ritual for embodying heart and soul healing

Enrollment doors will re-open at Imbolc (Feb 1) 2024

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I hope to meet you inside one of my programs! 

In the meantime, some juicy free resources for you to explore...
As a woman study your relationship with your needs for self understanding

Connect with your inner self with this free worksheet, which includes the Wise Woman Needs Wheel

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Each woman's studies along the wise woman path can benefit from these nuggets of inherent wisdom

Rediscover innate wisdom for your wise woman journey with Corinna's fun and powerful free 2-page guide

7 Secrets Along the Wise Woman Path

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Each woman's studies along the wise woman path can benefit from these nuggets of inherent wisdom

Bring wild plants into your everyday life and connect with the earth with this free guide from Corinna 

Wild Plants, Wild Women!

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