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Welcome, lovely! I'd love to support you along your journey navigating the  seasons and transitions of your life.

Holistic Women's Wisdom is an earth-based, woman-centered approach to healing from the roots up—cultivating authentic relating, healthy boundaries, and meaningful priorities.

As we embark on this journey of connection and healing, let's begin with heartful communication. My unique system is by, for and about women—for embracing your truth, embodying your truth, and expressing your truth.

Come walk along the path with me  . . .

Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way

4 Steps to Authentic Communication for Healing and Connection

A 4-week self-paced online course

What if you could express yourself in a way that cultivates connection rather than distance? In a way that others can truly hear and understand you...

In Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way, you’ll learn practical skills to reconnect with your authentic truth and express yourself in a healthy, harmonious way. 

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The Year's Spiral

Engaging Nature's Seasons for Inner Growth and Healing the Wise Woman Way 

A yearlong online program

You’ll emerge from The Year’s Spiral reconnected to your inner knowing. As a woman wise in the ways of the seasons—and your own internal landscape.

Each of the 8 seasons along the journey (the equinoxes, the solstices, and the midpoints points between) includes curriculum content on:

  • Engaging the energy of the season for self-discovery and healing
  • A seasonal herbal ally
  • A seasonal ritual for embodying heart and soul healing

Enrollment doors will re-open at Imbolc (Feb 1) 2025

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