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I invite you to study with me from home. I'd love to guide you through an exploration of your inner landscape—to get grounded in your own clarity and power, more than ever.

My courses center around my groundbreaking system: The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love. This includes practical, grounded, and authentic tools for inner growth and healing—through understanding life and love from an earth-based, woman-centered perspective. 

As you're navigating the transitions and seasons of your life, I'll support you in coming home to your own discernment and self-understanding. Think of it as a wise woman study of yourself. Come walk along the path with me!

The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love

A groundbreaking system, The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love includes a lifelong set of simple tools and practical guides—for rooting out old beliefs and choices that separate you from your own inherent wisdom, needs and desires.

Based in the body’s energy centers and the Earth’s seasons, this course explores how your strong female feelings guide you towards discovering your underlying needs. As you reconnect with your needs, you support your thriving.

Drawing on my own personal process of deep inner healing, The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love supports your thriving from a grounded place–with authentic relationships, healthy boundaries, and meaningful priorities. 

With this earth-based, woman-centered roadmap home to yourself, you'll stand with confidence and clarity in the truth of who you are. Think of it as a medicine kit for heart and soul!

Enrollment doors will re-open in late 2022

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The Year's Spiral—heart & soul healing through the seasons

A unique approach to the wheel of the year, The Year’s Spiral  is for women who want to walk a healing path through the natural cycles and seasons of the year––exploring how the outward seasons can reflect and support your inward psyche. 

Based in the cycles of nature and innate psychology, this yearlong program is all about you and exploring your inner world. Each of the 8 seasons along the journey (the equinoxes, the solstices, and the midpoints points between) includes curriculum content on:

  • Engaging the energy of the season for healing and self-discovery
  • A seasonal herbal ally
  • A seasonal ritual for embodying heart and soul healing
  • A corresponding module from The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love

Journey with us from the vulnerability of late winter at Imbolc to the emotional stirring of spring equinox; the fullness of summer solstice; the clarity and wisdom we seek at fall equinox; and then back to the roots of rest and renewal in winter. You’ll emerge a woman wise in the ways of the seasons—and grounded in your own clarity and power.

At Imbolc (Feb 1, 2022), the doors will open briefly for enrollment in this yearlong program

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I hope to meet you inside one of my courses! In the meantime, here are some juicy free resources for you to explore...
As a woman study your relationship with your needs for self understanding

Connect with your inner self with this free worksheet, which includes Corinna's beloved Needs Wheel

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Each woman's studies along the wise woman path can benefit from these nuggets of inherent wisdom

Rediscover innate wisdom for your wise woman journey with Corinna's fun and powerful free 2-page guide

7 Secrets Along the Wise Woman Path

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Each woman's studies along the wise woman path can benefit from these nuggets of inherent wisdom

Bring wild plants into your everyday life and connect with the earth with this free guide from Corinna 

Wild Plants, Wild Women!

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Wise Woman Studies with Corinna Wood

Curious how all this came to be? Well, here's the scoop . . .

After many years of making and teaching herbal medicines for women’s health, it dawned on me that I needed my own medicine kit for the heart, mind and soul!

I applied all I knew of the wise woman ways towards my own deep inner healing. I drew on my depth and breadth of knowledge––nature and her cycles, health and healing, nonviolent communication and feminist spiritual psychology.

I developed the groundbreaking system of simple tools and practical guides known as The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love. Today I teach online courses to women near and far—each woman's studies support her own unique journey.

Stay in the loop on upcoming opportunities to study with me from home.

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Corinna Wood teaching wise woman's studies, from a woman centered perspective
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