Welcome, lovely! I support earth-based women in navigating the transitions and seasons of your life. 

I've been teaching woman-centered holistic healing for 30 years. Today, my online programs are at the cutting edge of synthesizing natural healing with spiritual psychology, feminist thought and earth-based wisdom.

I invite you to study with me from home.

You’ll gain practical, grounded, and authentic techniques for healing from the inside out—through understanding life and love from an earth-based, woman-centered perspective.

You'll reconnect with your innate wisdom and deepen your discernment and self-understanding.

I'd love to guide you through an exploration of your inner landscape—to get grounded in your own clarity and power, more than ever.

Come walk along the path with me!

Walking the Wise (and wild!) Woman Path in Your Autumn Years 

Whether you're before, during or after menopause, the autumn years can be a wild ride! You'll learn 3 nuggets for surviving and thriving through your 40s, 50s and 60s. 

In this free mini-course, I gathered a few nuggets into a basket to support you as an earth-based woman in your autumn years. A woman who's embracing your own wise (and wild!) woman within.

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Corinna Wood standing in the snow with a walking stick
Corinna Wood

The Year's Spiral

A yearlong course of study on Wise Woman heart & soul healing through the seasons

A unique approach to the wheel of the year, The Year’s Spiral  is for women who want to walk a healing path through the natural cycles and seasons of the year––exploring how the outward seasons can reflect and support your inward psyche. 

Based in the cycles of nature and innate psychology, this yearlong program is all about you and exploring your inner world.

Each of the 8 seasons along the journey (the equinoxes, the solstices, and the midpoints points between) includes curriculum content on:

  • Engaging the energy of the season for healing and self-discovery
  • A seasonal herbal ally
  • A seasonal ritual for embodying heart and soul healing

Journey with us from the vulnerability of late winter at Imbolc to the emotional stirring of spring equinox; the fullness of summer solstice; the clarity and wisdom we seek at fall equinox; and then back to the roots of rest and renewal in winter.

You’ll emerge a woman wise in the ways of the seasons—and your own internal landscape.

Enrollment doors will reopen at Imbolc (Feb 1) of 2023

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Corinna Wood smiling broadly in front of fall foliage
Corinna Wood smiling in front of fall foliage

Coming Home to Yourself—with the Wise Woman Map of Life & Love

A 9-week program for earth-based women to gain clarity for decision-making, healthy boundaries, and authentic relationships

The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love offers a lifelong set of simple tools and practical guides—for rooting out old beliefs and choices that separate you from your own inherent wisdom, needs and desires.

Curriculum includes:

  • A language of self awareness and self empathy so you can move beyond self doubt to embracing your authentic self with care and understanding

  • Tools to examine and shift your underlying beliefs to break free of old patterns in order to cultivate the life you want to live

  • Relationship skills for authentic connection and healthy boundaries—loving others and yourself at the same time

  • Practical and effective techniques for making wise decisions that free up more time and energy for what’s most important to you

Think of it as a road map home to yourself!

Enrollment doors will reopen in September 2023

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I hope to meet you inside one of my courses! 
In the meantime, some juicy free resources for you to explore...
As a woman study your relationship with your needs for self understanding

Connect with your inner self with this free worksheet, which includes Corinna's beloved Needs Wheel

It's Your Time Now!

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Each woman's studies along the wise woman path can benefit from these nuggets of inherent wisdom

Rediscover innate wisdom for your wise woman journey with Corinna's fun and powerful free 2-page guide

7 Secrets Along the Wise Woman Path

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Each woman's studies along the wise woman path can benefit from these nuggets of inherent wisdom

Bring wild plants into your everyday life and connect with the earth with this free guide from Corinna 

Wild Plants, Wild Women!

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Earth-based, woman-centered holistic healing

Curious how all this came to be? Well, here's the scoop . . .

I’ve had a lifelong passion for healing.

For decades, I’ve devoured feminist psychology, recovery, relational health, nonviolent communication—and everything in between.

On a seemingly separate track, I also fell in love with the plants, rejoicing in the freedom of taking healing into my own hands. I became a professional herbal medicine maker and teacher.

Yet something was missing. I longed to go deeper, to the roots of healing.

I set out on a quest . . . “How can herbal actions be supported from the inside out?” “How could my beloved embodied earthy ways, truly support emotional health?”

I turned to my most trusted mentor, nature herself. To my delight, there I discovered and synthesized innate earth-based wisdom for heart and soul healing. 

Today I teach these holistic healing tools through online courses to women near and far. I hope to meet you on the inside of one of my courses!

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