Needs Wheel
~full color 11" x 17" poster~


With your Wise Woman Needs Wheel nearby, you'll naturally refer to it in your daily flow. Reconnect with yourself and your needs to support your thriving!

$28- for one poster (free shipping). The 4-pack is a discounted price of $84- (4 for the cost of 3!)


Tiffany Rikard, LMFT

"Having the Wise Woman Needs Wheel posted in my work space reminds me of the seasonal/transitional nature of life and life's circumstances. Seeing the multitude of basic human needs on the wheel  helps me identify the needs that I have that are met as well as unmet.

"This information helps me to navigate difficult emotions and provides a compass for me to find my way back to my desired emotional state. "


"I love having my beautiful color Needs Wheel on my wall––I refer to it every day! It gives me language for self-empathy and communicating to others. As I do so, my children are learning too––I treasure seeing them use these words even in the midst of a tussle.

"Recently my five year old daughter proclaimed to her little brother, 'I am feeling frustrated because my needs for calm are not being met!' I was so proud that she had the language to express her needs!"