Herbal Medicine Making the Wise Woman Way ~ Doors CLOSE at midnight tonight (Fri 4/26)

Welcome, sister ~ This week of Earth Day, let's celebrate the herbal emergence of spring. Wild plants, wild women!

In this once-a-year 3-session free video series, you'll discover how easy it is to find medicinal plants where you live. And how accessible it can be to make your own medicines. 

For those of you who want to go deeper, the doors will be open this week only—the once-a-year "enrollment open" period of my 5-week course Herbal Medicine Making the Wise Woman Way.

For now, these 3 video sessions are totally free. So let's take a stroll now together . . . immerse yourself in the world of plants waiting for you!

Doors close at midnight tonight


wildcrafting guidelines (pdf)

A handy reference with 3 keys for exploring medicinal wild plants and "weeds" (pdf)

Download now


S E S S I O N   #1

Finding Medicinal "Weeds"

Join me on a quick plant walk so you can see just how easy it is to find wild herbs that grow where you live. Ready? Let's dive in!

S E S S I O N   #2

3 Keys to Wildcrafting

Meet me out on the path to chat about identifying and harvesting common medicinal wild plants. Let's jump in! 

S E S S I O N   #3

Medicine-Making Kitchen

You've got what it takes! Let me take you in my kitchen and show you just how accessible medicine making is. You can do this!


Doors close at midnight tonight

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