I get it . . . Talking about the real stuff isn’t always easy. Sometimes you might even push people away when you didn't mean to–especially when emotions are running high. Yet you find that keeping a lid on your feelings can also become a downward spiral.

What if you could express yourself in a way that cultivates connection rather than distance? In a way that others can truly hear and understand you...

In this course, you’ll learn practical skills to reconnect with your authentic truth and express yourself in a healthy, harmonious way. You’ll be amazed at how this supports close and caring relationships—even with those who don’t have this training.

"Now my relationships no longer feel heavy and charged. At work, I’m open and curious with co-workers. At home, I’m having deeply healing conversations with my partner and my grown daughter. " ~Kate

"I gained language for things I felt but didn’t really have words for, so I couldn't shift out of them. My relationship skills improved tremendously." ~Tarah

What you'll learn in this course 

You'll gain skills for heartful communication to support harmonious connection so you can...

  • Be heard and understood

  • Diffuse arguments before they erupt

  • Share your feelings without pushing others away
  • Enjoy more closeness and caring in your relationships

  • Experience more appreciative, meaningful connections

  • Ask for what you want and need with confidence and clarity

  • Step out of the culture of judgment into a place of mutual respect

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Module 1 ~ Your Mind Truth

Lesson 1) Preventing the First Common Pitfall to Speaking Your Truth

Lesson 2) Two Tips for Naming That Moment Without Judgment

Lesson 3) Sharing Context for Clarity and Connection In Your Life

Module 2 ~ Your Soul Truth

Lesson 1) Reconnecting with Yourself to Communicate from Your Core

Lesson 2) Authentic Appreciation for Loving Connection

Lesson 3) Moving from Thorny Briars to Olive Branches

Module 3 ~ Your Heart Truth 

Lesson 1) Your Emotions as Guideposts of the Heart

Lesson 2) Avoiding 3 Common Mistakes When You Say "I Feel . . . "

Lesson 3) Breaking the Spell of Blame and Shame

Lesson 4) The One Simple 3-Part Sentence

Module 4 ~ Your Embodied Truth

Lesson 1) The Secret to Asking for What You Want

Lesson 2) Three Tips for Making Requests Without Demanding

Lesson 3) The Golden Request

Lesson 4) Sharing Your Truth in a Healthy, Harmonious Way

Lesson 5) Wrap Up

"Before, my relationship with my long-term partner was dragging through really significant conflict. It was almost broken.

"Since I took Speaking Your Truth, it’s so much better! He's able to receive what I'm saying in ways that he’d never been able to in the past. We’re connecting on a much more compassionate, emotional level.

"Plus I’m a better mother! I realized I was being harsh and sharp with my very sensitive and open 12 year old boy. Now I’m able to have more compassion with him as well.

"I knew about Nonviolent Communication before, but I wasn’t using it—too compartmentalized, masculine, doing-oriented. Corinna brings in a whole different approach, very feeling-oriented. The female wisdom she offers is very, very important! 

"Corinna lives what she teaches and brings a high-level experiential understanding. You won’t find this anywhere else!" ~Lyndsay

So how does the course work?


One convenient online location, available 24 hours a day—with all the lessons, videos, and handouts—for you to do on your own schedule.

You have access to the program materials for 2 years, so you're free to go at your own pace—and spiral back at any time.


This program is designed for busy women so you can fit it into your life.

Watch the bite-sized video lessons—10 minutes or less—on your computer or with an easy app on your phone so you can learn on the go.


13 engaging worksheets to deepen your learning and put into practice the communication skills you're developing.

After you watch one ore more of the lessons, you'll just grab a cup of tea and cozy up in your favorite spot to dig in.

"From the moment I got into Corinna’s online portal, I was very impressed with all the content as well as the organizational flow. Everything is so smooth, it felt seamless and was easy to follow." ~Laurie

You are a woman giving voice to the flame of your own truth

Whether you're:

  • Struggling in relationships with family, friends or coworkers—and you know there must be a kinder, gentler way

  • Ready to move past loneliness to the deep connection and intimacy you know you’re here for—to love and be loved 

  • Determined to be true to yourself while also being heard and understood by others

You're in the right place, sister.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that you'll come out of this course with clarity on how to know your truth and speak your truth in a healthy, harmonious way.

I look forward to seeing you inside Speaking Your Truth. 

Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way

A self-paced online course for women

Imagine reconnecting with your core underlying truth and desires. Effectively expressing yourself and what’s important to you. Cultivating mutual respect for yourself and others. Enriching your life with caring and close relationships.

That's exactly what this course is all about.

You'll receive:

  • 4 Modules of Video Instruction broken up into 15 bite-sized lessons to learn practical skills to express yourself in a healthy, harmonious way
  • 13 Engaging Worksheets to practice and apply the tools to your own life and relationships

  •  2 years access to all course materials—plus you receive any updates made over those years

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3 monthly payments of



A one-time payment of



100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

No worries, you have a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, just let us know within the first 14 days into the course, and we’ll gladly refund your investment. No hard feelings. Full details here

What Corinna's students are saying...

"My husband and I are having great conversations, not all of them easy but definitely worth it. Before, I'd REACT to situations like I was on auto-pilot, which so often didn't bode well for the outcomes. Now I’m able to RESPOND from a very different place. I'm blaming less and understanding more...both others and myself. So much more of a loving place to come from!" ~Ellen

"In my relationship, we’re having much more cooperative communication. I am so excited I now have the language that I need to not only express myself, but also to understand myself! " ~Rachelle E.

"When I used to start feeling annoyed in my relationships, I had a tendency to blame others. Now that I have these tools, those difficult conversations are so much easier for me. Rather than getting caught up in blaming or negativity, I can stay calm and connected with myself as well as the other person.” ~Sarah

"As a female business leader, I have found that success is eroded with underlying tensions and destructive communication. For more than 55 years, my communications had only a remote connection to sincerely reflecting my true emotions. Through the work I’ve done with Corinna, I learned to pay attention to what I am feeling in my deepest self, with my heart and my body as well as my mind. I’ve learned to rely on my empathic nature to sincerely listen and understand the employees’ needs, and to encourage them to sincerely know me. Through risks and growth and change, we are clear, aligned, and moving in the same direction.” ~Gayle

"I feel so much more grounded being able to decipher which emotions are mine and which are not mine to carry. Having emotions no longer feels like a burden. Now I love having emotions and I love feeling things! And since I’ve become more honest with myself and others, my relationships have reached exciting new depths.” ~Emily

"The dynamics in my relationships have changed. I’m able to be a better friend and others respect me more. My friends say I’m more patient and listen more—and that I’m more calm. That’s a big deal!” ~Lisa

"I show up in healthier ways in relationships. I know how to protect myself and how to share my heart with others. " ~Courtney

"For many years I worked in a 'man’s world' of electrical mechanical assembly. I had to put up with a culture there of criticism and disrespect. So much of me, or who I really am, was covered up in so much grime. I had no idea how much harm I was doing to myself and others. Now my wife and I are reconnecting, I've got to know my neighbors and we've become a community. I've found my way out of the dark tunnel, embracing life and love in every way!" ~Lynez

"At first, I was shocked and embarrassed at my lack of ability to communicate my feelings. Now I’m no longer afraid to say what I need to say and I have the vocabulary to do it so that I can be received with empathy." ~Raschelle

"I was having difficulties identifying my own feelings. I couldn’t get a grasp on why I felt so frustrated or how to resolve what I felt. In relationships I would just blurt out what was on my mind, just to get it out. And it was often hurtful or filled with anger. Now I have comfort in knowing I can express myself without feeling like I’m shouting at somebody. Now, my communication and relationships are much more supportive and empathetic.” ~Nancy

To recap, when you enroll today, you'll get:

Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way

Online course in 4 modules, 

  • 15 video lessons, content-rich and succinct, guiding you step by step in knowing your truth and expressing yourself in a healthy, harmonious way
  • 13 worksheets to apply the tools to your daily life so you can cultivate close and caring relationships

  • 2 years access to all course materials—plus you receive any updates made over those years

However, when you enroll today, you’ll get a sweet deal:   

$600   $437-

3 monthly payments of



A one-time payment of



14-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee


Feel free to call us with your questions and curiosities at (828) 222-6933 or email [email protected]

I can't wait to guide you...

Decades ago, I made a discovery—synthesizing feminist psychology with the best of nonviolent communication, transmuted in the cauldron of the Wise Woman Tradition.

Thus emerged Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way.

Since then I have continually worked on it…refining it, adding to it, perfecting it. The result is a method, a process that can be applied very effectively over and over.

My students have amazing results in their communications and relationships–even with others who are not learning those same skills.

The magic of Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way is much more than just communication skills for conflict resolution.

You’ll learn essential elements for building both personal power and caring connections.

I hope to meet you on the inside!~


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