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7 Secrets Along the Wise Woman Path

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Hi, I'm Corinna
Corinna Wood

For over 30 years, I've been living and carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition. I am a teacher and mentor dedicated to connecting women with the Earth––and with yourself. 

The Wise Woman Tradition is a framework rooted in the ancient wisdom of our foremothers.  It's a doorway—which leads to a paradigm shift. To a way of seeing through a lens that is earth-based and woman-centered.

I am excited to share these seven nuggets of ancient grandmother wisdom with you.

It’s ironic that they appear as secrets, because they are ancient wisdom––part of our birthright, actually! Unfortunately, we have unlearned and been disconnected from this wisdom by the modern mindset.

You'll rediscover nuggets of inherent wisdom that are woven together along the wise woman path.

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