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 Welcome, sister! Join today~

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Set your 2024 intention for self-healing

On this week over Imbolc (Feb 1), you're invited to join my once-a-year weeklong seminar on self-healing with the seasons!

You’ll learn:

  • 3 core principles of self-healing the Wise Woman Way
  • A hands-on activity to engage the energy of the Imbolc season for self-healing (halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox)
  • Tips for navigating your self-healing journey in the context of your relationships

Rooted in nature and valuing yourself as a woman, these principles and practices are inherently powerful. For healing from the inside out. 


Free Seminar

Join today~

We'll keep you in the loop (or just opt out anytime)

“Thank you for this amazing practical advice!”

“I've done much exploring in the 'self help' arena and I feel a deep synergy with the cycles of nature, but not until now did these two come together so beautifully! I feel a great sense of hope for parts of myself that can become more active and expressive.” ~Kay

“This information is life changing. Just terrific, Thank you!” ~Linda

You won't want to miss this 

If you’re curious how your love of nature could help you figure out what’s going on within your heart and soul . . . this seminar is for you.

Join me for this woman-to-woman over a cup of tea.

The seminar will include 3 video sessions to be released over the last week of January . . . And then after midnight Saturday Feb 3 . . . it’ll be gone. Poof.

You’ll also be invited to join the community conversation throughout the week. Together with an amazing group of women, you’ll have the opportunity to lift up your 2024 self-healing intention!

Let's light a candle for your self-healing journey this year.

Corinna Wood

A visionary teacher of women’s wisdom and holistic healing for over 30 years, Corinna Wood is a beloved leader in the natural health community.

You may know her from the 20 years she ran Red Moon Herbs, or from the wildly popular Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference (biggest herbal conference ever!) she founded and directed for 15 years.

She’s now pioneering an earth-based, woman-centered approach to inner growth and healing.


“Thank you for sharing these videos. This is awesome. It's amazing to hear this from a woman's perspective!” ~Dorothy

“Corinna,  I so appreciate your groundedness, pacing, authentic sharing, and wisdom. I love the Earth centered Wise Woman Way! Thank you sincerely for offering such abundant ‘free’ wisdom.”

“This is deeply resonant for me right now. Thank you for such an insightful offering!” ~Bethany 

Free Seminar

Join today~

We'll keep you in the loop (or just opt out anytime)

“My sister told me I needed to watch these videos. She was right! The idea of focusing on what I need instead of what others need is a huge shift for me. It turns my world upside down and gives me a lot to think about. Thank you, Corinna!”

“Corinna, I just want to thank you for such a warm welcome to this wonderful group. I’m watching the second video and it’s really got me thinking from an objective, free point of view.” ~Margo

 “I love reading what everyone has shared. I feel less alone. I have spent a lot of time taking care of others, now I want to take care of myself!”

“Thank you so much for reinforcing what steps we need to take for self healing inner journey, this is important for all women and in turn all of our relationships!”