A women's yearlong course of study online with Corinna Wood

In The Year's Spiral, you'll dig down beneath overwhelm, stressors, and old patterns—so you can cultivate a life you love, grounded and replenished.

You’ll emerge from this year confident in your own inner knowing.

As a woman wise in the ways of the seasons—and your internal landscape.

You're a nature-loving woman on a path of healing and wholeness

  Whether you're:

  • At a crossroads navigating changes and seasons of your life, determined to find your way out of heartbreak or difficult patterns . . . to come home to yourself at last

  • Tired of shutting down–or else being on a roller coaster of emotions—and ready to find your ground, open your heart, and embrace the real you

  • On a spiritual journey, longing to connect more deeply with nature and your inner wise (and wild!) woman you already know is there waiting for you

You're in the right place . . . and I'm going to share how The Year's Spiral will give you the tools, inspiration, and support you need on your journey.

Following the seasons, this yearlong course of study is about you and your inner world.

Through this program, you'll:

  • Understand your inner landscape through a seasonal lens
  • Gain practical and effective tools to embody your inner truth and guidance
  • Engage the authentic power of seasonal ritual for your healing and growth
  • Befriend 8 common edible and medicinal wild herbs through hands-on activities
  • Develop communication skills for healthy relationships and boundaries
  • Learn techniques for rewiring your brain to break free of old beliefs and patterns
  • Practice experiential methods to move from self-doubt to clear decision making

I invite you to experience this unique approach to the wheel of the year.

Through nature's lens, you'll gather healing skills and tools—and reconnect with your inner knowing.

So how does the program work?

 "The tech was superb—and I’m a low-tech person!  Hands-down a complete pleasure, no stress at all." - Merideth


One convenient location, available 24 hours a day—with all the lessons, videos, and handouts—to flex with your schedule.

8 Seasonal Modules are released at the equinoxes, solstices and halfway points in between, roughly 6 weeks apart.

You have access to the program materials for 3 years, so you're free to go at your own pace—and spiral back at any time.


This program is designed for busy women so you can fit it into your life.

Each Seasonal Module is divided into four succinct video lessons—each under 20 minutes—so you can do as little or as much as you like in one sitting.

Watch the user-friendly videos on your computer or your phone app, whichever you choose—so you can learn on the go. (Don't worry, no facebook/social involved).


40 inspiring worksheets and handouts spread over the year, to support you integrating the material.

Just grab a cup of tea, step away from your computer, and cozy up in your favorite spot.

You'll enjoy experiential activities and exercises to practice techniques you're learning. Includes how-to and recipes for identifying, harvesting, and preparing 8 common wild herbs.

"Corinna has an amazing way of guiding and directing women on their path to wholeness. She has created a comprehensive approach to healing from the inside out that leads us home to the sacred center of self.

"The Year’s Spiral is an incredible opportunity to study intimately and personally with one of the wise women of our time."

~Rosemary Gladstar,
herbalist and author

"Corinna has an amazing way of guiding and directing women on their path to wholeness. She has created a comprehensive approach to healing from the inside out that leads us home to the sacred center of self.

"The Year’s Spiral is an incredible opportunity to study intimately and personally with one of the wise women of our time."
~Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and author

The Year's Spiral

A women's yearlong course of study to engage nature's seasons for your inner growth and healing

Imagine yourself being able to rely on your internal guidance—to know what's healthy for your heart and soul. So you can cultivate a life you love, grounded and replenished.

You’re invited to journey with us this year from the vulnerability of late winter at Imbolc to the emotional stirring of spring; the fullness of summer; the clarity and wisdom we seek in autumn; and then back to the roots of rest and renewal in winter.

Join us to enjoy the journey of getting to the real you.

You'll receive:

  • 8 Seasonal Modules of Video Lessons on self-discovery, healing ritual, and herbal allies—to guide you step-by-step in developing your self-healing skills
  • 40 Engaging Worksheets and Handouts to immediately apply the skills and tools you’re learning to your own life
  • PLUS Free Support Bonus: 8 Live Q&A’s with Corinna via real-time remote sessions (Can't make it live? No worries—just submit your question ahead of time and watch the recording)

Enroll now to gain instant access to the Imbolc Season Module and begin the program journey...

The Year's Spiral
7 monthly payments of



The Year's Spiral
A one-time payment of



"Before, something was missing. I was stressed and frustrated, and I didn’t know why.

My words were hurtful to others. I doubted myself and my decisions . 'Am I doing this right, or am I just angry? What’s the matter with me?'

I’m so much happier and calmer now—I can finally enjoy my life! My communication and relationships are much more supportive and empathetic. I’m more comfortable in decision making and setting boundaries. I have a lot more courage and resilience.

I found my inner self . . . that’s what was missing!" -Nancy 

"This work is so necessary, at such a turbulent time in our world. I know I came to the program with so much turbulence within my inner being—and my girl within.

Through the program, I was able to take practical, meaningful steps in my day-to-day life to bring me joy!

I was surprised how much The Year's Spiral aligned with the mental health work I am doing on my own and with therapists and other professionals.

The breakthroughs I’ve had amaze my support team. They tell me, 'This is amazing work, keep doing it!' - Jessica

"When my relationship ended, it completely upended my life. I didn’t know what I wanted or even who I was.

I used to get restless and angry for no good reason—angry with myself, angry in relationships. But I didn’t know why. Now I have so much more peace.

I feel so much more confident . . . the 'you know that you know, that you know,' in your gut type of confidence. It just permeates everything––and you don't have to convince yourself.

You know it’s just the truth of the matter, and that's how it is.~Caroline 

"Years of complex trauma had left me emotionally vapid. Going out of my mind. Absolutely exhausted, just going through the motions. 

Now, I feel very empowered. The benefits I’ve reaped have been life changing! I am proud to see a powerful evolution inside of myself––moving from victimhood to a warrior-type protectress of my inner girl.

This work is an important spiritual practice to look inward within a safe container." -Raschelle

"Through Corinna's teachings, I went from lost to found. I was hopelessly headed down a dark tunnel. So much of me—or who I really am—was covered up in so much grime. I did not know if I could become a whole person again. 

Corinna’s program changed my life!

Now I’m embracing life and love with joy and gratitude in every way. My wife and I are reconnecting, we're building community with our neighbors, and I’ve rediscovered my own passions and creativity."  - Lynez

"Through Corinna's seasonal approach, I  recognized how much we as women are connected to the natural cycles, and how our energy is affected by nature.

I gained language for things I felt but didn’t have words for, so I couldn't shift out of them. It used to just be, 'I feel bad,' but I didn't know why. To be able to have a different internal dialog is so impactful as an everyday practice!

My relationship skills improved tremendously, as well as my career as an artist."  - Tarah

What's inside each of the 8 Seasonal Modules of The Year's Spiral

Exploring your internal landscape

Following the rhythms of the seasons, you'll explore how the energy of the natural cycles your own inner landscape. Using the tools and framework provided, you'll

  • Tap into your inherent wisdom with practical techniques
  • Gain language to effectively understand and communicate your inner world
  • Uproot old underlying beliefs and difficult patterns

Self-healing rituals


Each of the seasonal turning points on the spiral of the year offers an opportunity to engage the power of ritual for self-healing. Given a suggested format and theme related to the season, you'll be invited to:.

  • Create sacred space for your healing journey
  • Use ritual gestures to support healthy transformation
  • Heal old wounds as you reconnect with yourself and your power

Seasonal herbal allies


Engaging with one plant in each season supports your connection with the earth and your own journey. For each of the 8 herbal allies throughout The Year’s Spiral, you'll learn:

  • Identification and harvesting tips and tricks
  • Edible and medicinal properties and recipes
  • Medicine making preparation methods and recipes

To recap, when you enroll today, you'll get:

The Year's Spiral 

Online program with 8 seasonal modules of video instruction, including:

  • A groundbreaking seasonally-based approach to inner growth and healing including self-healing rituals and herbal allies for each of the 8 Seasonal Modules

  • Dozens of experiential activities and worksheets to apply the material to your life

  • Access to all program materials for 3 years

$1350- value 

(psst, read on ~ enroll today and you'll get it for much less...)

you'll automatically receive these 3 juicy bonuses...

B O N U S   1

Corinna's Herbal Medicine Chest Booklet

22 Wise Woman Apothecary Herbs & 5 Potent Preparation Methods

 The handy reference guide you've been waiting for!
Includes a catalogue of recommended healing herbs with uses and d
etailed herbal medicine making instructions. 
(12-page pdf format)

B O N U S   2

Wise Woman Needs Wheel 

11"x14" Printed Full Color Poster

With this beautiful wheel nearby, you'll naturally refer to it in your daily flow to support your thriving.
Women are wild about Corinna's unique earth-based wheel!
(delivered to your doorstop via snail mail)

B O N U S    3 

Live Q&A sessions with Corinna

8 Seasonal Real-time Online Sessions

You'll have access to Corinna to get your questions answered and go deeper in the topics of the season. 
Can't make it live? No problem––you just submit your question ahead of time and watch the recording.

To sum it up, here's what you’re getting when you enroll today . . .

The full 8 Season The Year's Spiral core program ~  $1350- value 
BONUSES: Medicine Chest Booklet, Wise Woman Wheel Color Poster, and 8 Live Q&A Sessions  ~  $375- value 
That's a total value of $1,725-

However, when you enroll today, you’ll get access to ALL of it for just 

$1,725   $830-

The Year's Spiral
7 monthly payments of



The Year's Spiral
A one-time payment of



No worries ~ you have a 30-day guarantee

First of all, let me say this . . . The Year's Spiral is a unique approach to the wheel of the year for women who are excited and committed to applying techniques for heart and soul healing.

Our community is filled with motivated and super-supportive women who are exploring heart and soul healing through nature's lens. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase—and we also want you to give the techniques a try. 

In the first month, in addition to laying the groundwork of the seasonal framework, you'll be introduced to an herbal ally and a self-healing ritual. So you'll have the opportunity to explore new ways of relating to yourself and the world before making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally engaged and excited about applying the seasonal framework to your life, simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

Full details here

Feel free to call us with your questions and curiosities at (828) 222-6933 or email [email protected]  

~or chat with us from the bottom right of this page~

I can't wait to guide you along the journey through the spiral of this year . . .

I would love to support you along your journey

I’ve had a lifelong passion for healing.

For decades, I’ve devoured feminist psychology, recovery, relational health, nonviolent communication—and everything in between.

On a seemingly separate track, I also fell in love with the plants, rejoicing in the freedom of taking healing into my own hands. I became a professional herbal medicine maker and teacher.

Yet something was missing. I longed to go deeper, to the roots of healing.

I set out on a quest . . . “How can herbal actions be supported from the inside out?” “How could my beloved embodied earthy ways, truly support emotional health?”

I turned to my most trusted mentor, nature herself. To my delight, there I discovered and synthesized innate earth-based wisdom for heart and soul healing. And thus, emerged The Year’s Spiral.

I invite you on a journey of self discovery through nature’s lens, exploring how the outward seasons reflect and support your inward landscape. You’ll dig down beneath your stressors and overwhelm to strengthen your roots—your own foundation of healing and wholeness. Using authentic, practical and accessible techniques.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that you’ll emerge from this year confident in your inner knowing. As a woman wise in the ways of the seasons—and your own internal landscape!

I look forward to meeting you inside The Year’s Spiral.


The Year's Spiral
7 monthly payments of



The Year's Spiral
A one-time payment of



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