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What if you could express yourself in a way that cultivates connection rather than distance? In a way that others can truly hear and understand you...

In my communication course, Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way, you’ll learn practical skills to reconnect with your authentic truth and express yourself in a healthy, harmonious way. 


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Compassionate communication

Get a free taste of the Speaking Your Truth communication course

Welcome, sister! Join me in this free mini-class to learn a few quick tips for connecting with both others and yourself. 

One of the biggest questions I get is . . . “How do I stay true to myself under pressure in my relationships?”

In other words, you want to be true to yourself. And also to love and be loved. 

It doesn’t have to be either connecting with yourself or connecting with others. Rather than the old paradigm of "either/or," let’s take a look through the wise woman lens of "both/and." 

Yup, if you sign up today, this 15-minute mini-class video is yours totally free! It'll also give you a taste of my approach to communication to help you decide if my communication course is right for you. If so, I'd love to meet you on the inside of Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way!

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"I love that Corinna's communication tips feel so do-able, simple, yet powerful!" ~Sandra

"Now I have comfort in knowing I can express myself without feeling like I’m shouting at somebody. My communication in relationships are much more supportive and empathetic.” ~Nancy

"Corinna's relationship tips are immensely helpful to me! I appreciate that she shares real examples from her real life. I feel inspired that if she could make the changes, so can I!" ~ Kate

"My husband is a big advocate for nonviolent communication (NVC) and I have not connected to it because it is too brainy conceptual for my embodied style. I love how Corinna uses it through the natural cycles perspective!" ~Nohemi

What you'll learn 

All too often with communication in relationships, it may seem like you have to choose between connecting with yourself or connecting with your loved ones.

I get it. I don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why I’m going to share tips for:

  • My favorite quick practice for reconnecting with myself when responding to another’s request
  • A key phrase that can stop an argument before it even gets started (hint: it allows them to have their perspective without you needing to agree)
  • The "both/and" of how staying true to yourself supports healthy relationship dynamics

In this free 15-minute video, you'll get a taste of my approach to communication—and if you want to go deeper, keep an eye out for the limited-time discount for Speaking Your Truth the Wise Woman Way communication class.

Can’t wait to see you over there!

Corinna Wood

A visionary teacher of women’s wisdom and holistic healing for over 30 years, Corinna Wood is a beloved leader in the natural health community.

You may know her from the 20 years she ran Red Moon Herbs, or from the wildly popular Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference (biggest herbal conference ever!) she founded and directed for 15 years.

She’s now pioneering an earth-based, woman-centered approach to inner growth and healing. In her renowned communication classes, Corinna has synthesized feminist psychology with the best of nonviolent communication (aka compassionate communication), transmuted in the cauldron of the wise woman tradition.

 "Now my communication in relationships with my adult children and husband is much more consistently close and connected!" ~Meredith

"The connection video is so clear and empowering.I love how Corinna teaches. I want more!" ~Maria 

"Wise words for the soul!" ~Candice

"After taking nonviolent communication and compassionate communication classes, I was blown away by Corinna's approach! Truly a Wise Woman version of NVC."

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"At first, I was shocked and embarrassed at my lack of ability to communicate my feelings. Now I’m no longer afraid to say what I need to say and I have the vocabulary to do it so that I can be received with empathy." ~Raschelle

"I’m finding Corinna's relationship tips so helpful! I’m practicing creating healthy boundaries." ~ Kayla

"I appreciate these very clear steps, the beauty of Corinna's sharing and experience. It truly is a wonderful gift!" ~Iona

"Speaking Your Truth provided the tools I needed to move forward in honest clarity with family, friends, neighbors and at work." ~ Martha

"I appreciate Corinna's suggestions about allowing others to have their own opinions without needing to sacrifice your own." ~Marybeth

"Thank you so much. I have regained hope." ~Pauline

"I show up in healthier ways in relationships. I know how to protect myself and how to share my heart with others." ~Courtney