Live Online Workshop with Corinna Wood

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Coming Home to Yourself

the Wise Woman Way

3 Keys to Reconnecting with Your Heart and Embodying Your Inner Guidance

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Thursday, Sept 23 at 7 pm eastern

In this free live online workshop, you'll . . . 


Learn the little known truths of how to get yourself unstuck

from difficult dynamics and repeating patterns, to actually love and accept yourself for who you are


Bust the myth that doing self love work is selfish

you'll learn why this is untrue—through an authentic psychological lens


Discover how to open your heart and keep yourself safe in your relationships

because opening your heart doesn’t mean being an open door


See real life examples of healing yourself from the inside out

that you, too, can do––and where to get started, from an earth-based, woman-centered perspective

"I used to be stuck in old patterns that were harming myself and my loved ones. Through the self understanding I gained from Corinna, everything became happier and healthier — myself, my relationships, my partnership, my life!"


"Corinna shows us those things that are so blatantly ignored. Her toolkit is vital–extremely important for all of our emotional well being and grounding."  - Amakiasu


"To be able to have a different internal dialog is so impactful as an everyday practice! My relationship skills improved tremendously, as well as my career as an artist." ~Tarah

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"Through studying with Corinna, I learned to pay attention to what I am feeling in my deepest self, with my heart and body as well as my mind."  -Gayle

If you can relate to any of these, this live workshop is for you . . .

  •  You’re a passionate seeker determined to find your way out of heartbreak and difficult patterns, or

  • You're tired of all the new age gobbledygook and longing for an inner source of clarity and inherent guidance you can trust, or

  • You’re seeking support for navigating transitions in your life in ways that ground you in truly loving yourself from the roots up

Join me to finally learn what it takes to come home to yourself

––the wise woman way
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I'd love to support you along your wise woman path . . . 

After many years of making and teaching herbal medicines for women’s health, it dawned on me that I needed my own medicine kit for the heart, mind and soul! 

I applied what I know of the wise woman ways towards my own deep inner healing. I drew on my depth and breadth of knowledge––nature and her cycles, health and healing, nonviolent communication and feminist spiritual psychology.

 I would love to share with you some of my favorite keys for coming home to yourself––the wise woman way. Join us to discover three keys for reconnecting with your heart and embodying your inner guidance.

See you soon!~

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