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Tuck a little lemon balm into your mask!

a sprig of lemon balm inside a face mask for calming and mood elevating properties

I’m excited to share one of my latest inspirations with you! Recently as I was heading to town, I snatched a few leaves from my lemon balm plants which overflow their doorstep planter. Known as a calmative and mood elevator, she always seems to give me a lift.

As I drove, I gratefully inhaled the delicious aroma of the lemon balm leaves wafting around me.

When I parked and grabbed my mask, I realized that I was loathe to leave my herbal ally behind–so I tucked her just inside my mask.

With a deep breath, I headed into the store. Funny isn’t it, how simple acts like errands seem to take more courage and stalwartness than they used to . . . I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets anxious in the grocery store aisles these days.

 Tucked just below my mouth (and nose!), the lemon balm did feel a little fuzzy against my chin–though quickly it seemed very natural, a sweet reminder of my secret friend. As I moved on to the post office, I realized I felt more calm–even happier–than I have felt on errand trips for many months now!  

Since then I look forward to slipping a leaf inside my mask each time I head into town. I alternate between lemon balm, anise hyssop, and holy basil (tulsi)–all easy to grow herbs in the mint family. 

Who’s outside your door calling out to you? If you don’t have fresh herbs nearby, you could use a drop or two of essential oil, although the scent won’t last as long–and I always do prefer the fresh plants when available.  

Other aromatic mints with similar properties include the refreshing leaves of peppermint or spearmint. Or you could even grab a bit of rosemary or lavender (which are actually in the mint family too!) from the kitchen garden.  

As we enjoy the late summer season, let’s savor the lushness and soothing fragrances of our aromatic plant allies. What a fun way to keep the herbs closer than ever!

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