Redefining beauty: flowers do not diminish one another's beauty

beautiful women of all colors, shapes and sizes at the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference

What makes a meadow full of spring wildflowers so captivating and beautiful? Not the appearance of one, but the abundance of many flowers with different colors, shapes, fragrances, sizes, and stages of development.

The beauty of one flower--say a curvy, purple violet, does not diminish the beauty of another--perhaps a bright, golden sunburst of a dandelion

If you appreciate my beauty, or intelligence, that need not diminish yours! Thick or thin; black or white; busty or hippy or leggy, we are each our own unique, lovely flower.  Competition between women is a construct of patriarchal culture which keeps us separated from one another.

Women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors each have our unique expressions of beauty and style to share with the world and one another.  When we look at each other in this way, we discover that we are all reflections of the divine!

My journey to loving my body

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I was like many women seeking affirmation and direction.  In this seeking, I was also receiving messages from both mainstream and alternative nutrition sources reinforcing the cultural construct about how women's bodies are supposed to be thin. At that time, I became so thin I only menstruated every few months.

Later, through deeper study and life experience, I learned about the dangers of low body weight and loss of menstruation (amenorrhea). Without adequate protein and fat, women’s bodies don’t regulate hormones properly, which can lead to loss of calcium and other minerals from their bones, adrenal and kidney depletion, and exhaustion. I succeeded in having the skinny model body type, but I found my health declining rapidly.

After experiencing many of these symptoms myself, I focused on learning about food and nutrition to uncover the truth about the myths we’re taught. Especially the ones that link a sick and weak body to “light, pure, and good.”

My relationship with food and my body has been such a victory. I went from underweight and mildly bulimic, struggling with food and my body—to a happy, peaceful, and healthy relationship with food and my body. And to honoring the cycles of my monthly moontimes. I realized that when we are optimally nourished, our bodies are fertile. It’s an integral, if messy, part of the rich, full, deep experience of being a woman.

Truly nourishing ourselves

For me, the biggest part of healing my relationship with food and my body has come through the concept of nourishment.

When the body is given what it needs, it’s not starving. It can regulate to our ideal body weight. We may not look like a teenage stick-person, but our bodies will achieve the balance they need to keep us well. Some of my favorite resources regarding food are the books Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, Eat Fat Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig and the Weston Price Foundation. They are focused on nutrient-dense food and strong bodies.

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by women who can work hard and play hard because we eat well. We are changing the face of beauty as we do so.

What would the world be like if we demanded real nutrition on our grocery store shelves and demanded images of real women from our media? We’d move from the deep-seated misogyny of our culture that leaves women feeling that they need to deny themselves, to a culture where women’s creative energy can be freed up to care for themselves. Women could find their sacred work in the world—the ways that they can contribute to the healing of the planet.

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