Moon women—honoring the spiral of both light and dark

honoring dark of the moon as well as new moon

So many of the women I know love the moon—that I've started to fondly use the term "moon women" for us. I sometimes joke that I'm an herbalist by day, moon photographer by night (yes, I'm proud to say this dogwood moon photo is one of mine!).

When the moon is full, I love to remember that we're all gazing at the same moon! And that she's the very same moon that our foremothers back through time gazed at as well, from all around the world.

As moon women in the Wise Woman Tradition we embrace the dark as well as the light. The dark moon and the dark season of the year invite us to go inward, to rest, and to reflect. I know I savor the long dark nights of winter, gazing at starry skies, as cozy up under blankets.

Many women experience a deep resonance—a cellular memory of a way of life and a belief system that embraces spiral that includes both light and dark, without hierarchy. Just as the natural cycles of our world continuously move through day and night, from dark moon to full moon, from winter to summer, from youth to old age and death. We honor our natural cycles—our ebbs and flows.

So often, today's cultural bias toward the light precludes honoring the darkness. We even subconsciously may try to skip over the dark moon by calling it the "new moon."

At the dark moon we are invited to pause and set aside the voices asking us to give more, produce more or create more. The darkness allows us to dream, to receive messages and to incubate ideas. 

And then, we can welcome the new moon. I wait the three nights around the dark moon when she is not visible. After that, I will often look for her new crescent sliver in the sky around sunset. 

The new moon is a time for new beginnings, so I like to write out positive, heartfelt intentions at this time. I like to follow this format that's popular in my community: "I want to easily find myself . . . [briefly write in your intention] . . . in a happy, healthy way"

I invite you moon women to join me in doing so. And in the meantime, enjoy the darkness!~

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"I was initiated into the Wise Woman Tradition at the tender age of 22, by Susun Weed and a beloved patch of nettles. Today, I support women with inner growth and healing tools to ground you in your own innate wisdom, needs and desires. My teachings on heart and soul healing draw on earth wisdom of our foremothers––the shoulders on which we stand––to navigate the challenges we face as women in the world today."

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