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"I see the wise woman. She is old and black . . ."

In October 2019, many of you gathered with me on the shores of Kanuga Lake to celebrate the Wise Woman tradition, honoring women and the earth. During the opening ceremony of that 15th anniversary herbal conference, Phyllis Utley performed a dramatic reading about the Wise Woman tradition as written by Susun Weed in her book Healing Wise.

You're invited to take a few minutes to enjoy the video of that powerful spoken word performance–a palpable enactment of the Wise Woman tradition. And keep an eye out to the right of the stage, where Phyllis' mother Maggie "Queen Mother" Gladden is also featured!

"The Wise Woman tradition is the oldest tradition of healing known on our planet, yet one that is rarely identified, rarely written or talked about. A woman-centered tradition of self love, respectful of the earth and all her creatures, the Wise Woman tradition tells us that compassion, simple ritual, and common herbs heal the whole person.

“I see the wise woman. She is old and black and walks with the aid of a beautifully carved stick. She is the ancient grandmother of us all and she represents health/wholeness/holiness in the Wise Woman Tradition . . . she winks at me and spreads her arms."

~Healing Wise by Susun Weed

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