As she moves through autumn, a woman feels . . .

As she moves through autumn a woman feels...

I want to share with you a poem which I love to return to at fall equinox. Do you feel "autumn woman" this turn around the spiral of the year? Keep an eye out for her within you as this autumn unfolds over the coming months . . .

"Fall" by Patricia Monaghan ~ excerpted

"Now comes the time of reckoning, the season of limits. There will never be more than there is now. Now is the time to celebrate the plenty that work and time have wrought. Now, the time to feast with friends, share the bounty, toast the work well done. As she moves through autumn, a woman feels a passionate connection with all life. Yet, wise in the seasons of living, she can be unsentimental, even pitiless. She does not try to nurture everything and everyone . . . she becomes selective.

"There is enough of everything–strength, passion, lust–everything but time. She finds that she has limits. Her energy falters, her mind drifts, her patience snaps. She begins to husband herself, to save herself for what really matters.

“Fall consumes a woman many times before and after middle life, whenever the time demands that she becomes decisive. She empties her womb of a conception; she leaves a convent, a marriage, a career; she puts a loved old pet to sleep. She cleans a closet, gives away old books, cuts off her hair.

"Autumn moods find her free and vibrant, impatient of delusions, ready to do whatever she needs to do."

~Patricia Monaghan


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